My Story

the Team

Meet David

Hi! I’m the guy behind the creative thinking for Notageek4u! When I’m not busy getting recipes for this site, I’m over at my food blog, preparing other delicious recipes, crafts, and other stuff about life.


How I got My start

I got my start in the restaurant industry! I then started a journey as a Virtual Assistant, and become highly sought after! From there, I moved over to a food focused blog. I saw a need for higher quality PLR food Recipes. There wasn’t a lot of complimentary competition out there, and I decided to change that!

You’ll also find I make some pretty snazzy eBook Designs! With the love of creating food and finding other amazing food photographers, I also love designing in Canva, Photoshop, Power Point, and more!


What our amazing customers think

I’ve been serving customers for years with my different V.A. Services. Here’s what a few of them think of my new Recipe PLR Site! In The end, I want to save you time and frustration of what to make and post for your next recipe on your site!

Our Mission

To Provide Delicious Recipes For YOU and YOUR Fans!

Can we be honest? We know that we love creating and making delicious recipes to share on blogs, for and our fans. In the end, it’s all about our Fans…the readers. They’re the ones that are support us! It’s my ultimate goal to make eye appealing & delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy!